iLuv® Splitter Adapter with Dual Volume Control

Do you like sitting with your friends and listening to the favourite music? Or sometimes you are enjoying the music with your siblings but both wanted to have a different pace of volume? Then you are absolutely at the right place where you can listen to songs with iLuv® Splitter Adapter. It is a great fun to enjoy the music without any interruption and no worseness in sound quality. Two people can have fun with the same, but the level of volume is different. How cool is that to hear? Then here is the place where you really wanted to be.

iLuv® Splitter Adapter with Dual Volume Control has a dual volume control feature which is just different from others. There was a time when only one controller was there and when two people shared to listen they had a fight to increase the volume or slow it down. But as the technology is getting higher, you will find that there are some of the great items. Some of the features which will help you to know it better are:

  • Easy to use and install
  • Two distinctive volume controllers
  • Nothing to sacrifice in sound quality
  • Length is proper
  • Color black is available

The length of this product is 2.8” and the plug is 3.5mm. For the device like MP3, CD players, iPod, it is very suitable. With 3.5mm stereo headphone pack, it is compatible. You can use it with multiple devices. The volume is controlled according to the need of the listener. These types of gadgets are not accessible all over the place. Once you start using it, you will definitely feel the difference.

Now the point is that when you are going to purchase Splitter Adapter with Dual Volume Control which is compact, durable, having quality of different volume controls, easily accessible and made for friends, siblings and family. There is nothing to deem much as it is only about $4.19 which you can buy easily. Such features are rare to find but once you acquire you will enjoy surely. The available color in this is black and everything is definite. The place is right where you can buy such pieces at lesser rates. No problem, if you want to gift it to someone, you can even do that for sure. Now just click on the link of the page and make this item yours.For more details,please visit our website



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