How to Use MHL?

With MHL HDMI cable, you could easily connect your cell phone to the larger screen around you such as LED TV, protector and etc. MHL means Mobile high-definition link technology which could display the screen of your phone to a larger display screen.

Are you still wondering the meaning of owning a smart phone, tablet, or HDTV that’s MHL-certified? You could connect your cell phone to HDTV and other displays using a single cable that charges the device when the cablet still could provide up to 1080p video and digital audio at the same time. This magical MHL process is clear and easy and the first step of which is buy an MHL HDMI cable. There’s no specific requirement on whether the display device need to be MHL-compliant.

The second step for your MHL connection process is picking up an MHL cable that could connect your mobile phone and HDTV or other display terminal. If you get your own devices from the same manufacturer, you just need to buy an MHL cable directly from the manufacturer. If you get a Samsung S4 mobile phone and a HDMI TV from other brand, you need to buy a generic MHL cable that is suitable for your mobile phone and HDTV., HDMI cables are dime nowadays and the HDMO cables are poor quality therefore we just need the MHL HDMI cables and it’s enough.

If you do not have the MHL-compliant television, you need to plug a micro-USB charger directly into the micro-USB port on the adapter cable itself after you connecting the MHL-HDMI adapter cables withe the HDMI port on the HDTV.. If your TS is MHL-compliant, put your cell phone or the MHL cable into the HDTVJ and jus preparing for the start of the hight definition video from your cell phone.

And what about how to setting up MHL with a docking station to HDMI TV? It’s simple too. Just connect your TV and cell phone with the HDMI cable and charge your phone via power cable at the same time. While you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and etc to the MHL TV, all you need is the only one MHL passive cables and spin to 11-pin tip in case. Connecting the TV and the mobile with MHL-passive cables is all is enough.With the simple MHL HDMI cable for Samsung, you will quickly find the new and excited experience of using the larger display screen!

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