How to Use a Normal HDMI Cable on an Xbox 360?

As a game player and lover, you should have a high definition video game console Xbox 360, which comes with standard HDMI cables and component cables. Even its component cables are good for high definition display, but it can’t take full advantage of your HDTV. If you want to enjoy it, you should set up an HDMI cable. I think, you may ask “How to Use a Normal HDMI Cable on an Xbox 360?”. That is easy when you keep reading this instruction made by company I promise you’ll set up a HDMI Cable for your XBox 360 very easily and quickly. Now, take out your HDMI cable and follow the below two steps:

First, you should turn your XBox 360 off and remove any standard audio /video or component cables from the back of XBox 360. Then connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI slot which located on the back of XBox 360. Meanwhile, connect the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port in your television. Until now, the connection between your XBox 360 and television is finished. You can turn the Xbox 360 on.

Later you need do is to set up your television to HDMI mode. As some HDTVs have many HDMI inputs such as HDMI1, HDMI2, etc. You should make sure which one you connect to and then select the right one. After set well the television mode, you should go to the System Settings tab on the Xbox360 to set the video display to match the appropriate output of your television. Take an example, if your television output is 1080i, you should set the video display in 1080i mode.

Till now, you should know how to use a HDMI Cable on an XBox 360 to enjoy the full advantage of your HDTV to play games. If there is any problem, I think that should be some problem on the HDMI cable or Xbox 360. You should check them patiently. If you need some accessories for Xbox 360 to mend it or enjoy good game play, you can also visit our store and type XBox 360 in the search box. There will come out nearly all accessories with good quality for XBox 360, you can find whatever you want to comply with you play game. I promise you’ll be happy to their shopping for all the products in our store is guaranteed to meet you satisfactory 100%. And your order will be shipped (price over $49.00 free shipping) from the store’s eastern warehouse located in Montreal and the western warehouse located in Vancouver in super fast speed. The delivery is very quickly. You can’t be waiting for long.


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