How to Tell If You Have HDMI Out or HDMI in?

Welcome to come here. If you are confused how to tell whether the HDMI is out of use or in service, you got the right place. is here to teach you how to judge that. As all knows, HDMI is namely of High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the result of new technology, just the standard audio-video interface made for high-definition media. HDMI cable allows any audio/video source such as cable boxes, DVD players, personal computers and video game consoles to be used on an HD monitor such as a digital television set and AV receivers. What need do is connect them by a HDMI cable and regulation some parameter. Of course, you should first are able to identify where the HDMI out port on the audio/video source devices is and where the HDMI in port is on the television or monitor. In fact, it is very easily, I’m certain you can find the HDMI port around the source electronic device and television (usually on the back). Made in standard, the HDMI ports are small, rectangular and usually marked with the logo “HDMI”. After you can easily find them, it’s the time to tell you how to judge if you have HDMI out or HDMI in.

First, turn the television to see the collection ports with marked logo “HDMI” on the side or the back of the device. As the letters “HDMI,” indicating a series of ports, you should find the one labeled with “in” or be designed by labels such as “Input 1” or “Input A”.

Then, find the collection ports with marked logo “HDMI” on the side or the back of the electric source device you want to connect to the television. Similar to the port on television, the letters “HDMI” here also indicate a series of ports. While here you should find the one labeled with “out” or be designed by labeled such as “Output 1” or “Output A”,which form a complete set with the in port on television.

After you find the HDMI in and out pots, you can connect the source electric device and the television or AV receivers by one HDMI cable to enjoy the HDTV view for programs or game. That’s really a good thing for enjoy the time when stay at home. With HDMI cable, you can experience a new and different view for all the former normal did things. You’ll be happier to see the wonderful contents in more fluently and clearly way. In total, learn How to judge the HDMI Out or HDMI in, you can enjoy a better life. In addition, as friendly, I reminder you that if you need more source electric device or HDMI cable to enjoy life time, the store also can support you, you can visit and take something you need.


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