How to Make an Ink Cartridge Last Longer

Ink cartridge plays a very important role in a printer,but it is relatively expensive.For some low-end printers,the cost of a ink cartridge is about half the price of a printer.So we should pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the ink cartridges to make it last longer so that you don’t need to cost money and replace it in a short run.

How to Make an Ink Cartridge Last Longer


1.After clicking “print”, your print tool box will pops up, then click the “preferences”tab.Among the options of “Draft” , “Normal” and “Best” you should choose “Draft” so as to save your ink when you print.

2.Choose the “Advanced” option when you see the window with “Printing Preferences”in it. You can print only in black and gray by choosing the “Print in Grayscale” tab for using less color ink.

3.Not to use bold fonts in the test if possible. If the title’s font needs a larger size,it is better to print it in gray only.

4.In order to help the colors of ink flow more freely from the cartridge,take out a color cartridge that isn’t working properly and use a damp paper towel or soft cloth to swab its bottom for unclogging the nozzle.Thus there is no need to replace it with a new cartridge.

5.Even if your printer light turns on or you get a warning saying that the ink is low,continue to print rather than changing the cartridge instantly.Otherwise you may get hundreds of extra pages out of a cartridge.Keep printing until there is nothing more ink left.

Tips &Warning
Return your old cartridges to recycle bins in stores or schools for recycling.Bring it in when you buy refill cartridge and the Office Depot will give you $2.50 off your next cartridge purchase.

All in all,as the ink cartridge is the key part of a printer,it’s imperative to use it with care,not to mention its high price.So, you may save unnecessary money from buying new cartridges after reading the said instructions and doing them accordingly.For more information or printer ink cartridges,please visit our website


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