How to Make a Cat5 Network Cable ?

A Cat5 network cable is a must need in setting up a large network. To connect your computer and other Ethernet devices to each other in a wired Ethernet network, there is also need a lot of A Cat5 network cable. Have you realized that if you know how to make a Cat5 network, you’ll save a lot of money from the Ethernet cable? Maybe you are just looking for the guide for making a Cat5 network. That will be lucky for you to come here. As one of the provider of Cat5 network cable, its making tools, and parts, is here friendly to give you a guide. The knowledge to make a Cat5 network is very simple when with the right tools. I promise after reading the guide process, you can made a Cat5 network very quickly and available. Now, get ready your Cat5 network cable and the making tools as well as the parts (if no, you can buy it from, here we go.

Firstly, you should determined how long cable you need. Before cutting the cable, you should add an inch or two to the overall length in avoid mistakes happened when wiring the plug. If you do still not believe yourself, you can leave another one inch or two.Then, you can take out the scissor to cut the cable to the right length. And strip approximately 1 inch of the outer jacket off each end of the cable to put into the plug.

Later, the most important thing is to arrange the wires into the proper color sequence. There is a knowledge you should know, that is, you should arrange the wires from the left to the right in sequence like orange/white, orange, green/white, blue, blue/white, green, brown/white and brown. This is corresponding to the location of the wires into the Ethernet plug. The Pin1 will be on the left when the locking tab of the plug facing away.

Moreover, to make the wires slide into the plug easily, you need cut them to an equal length, about 0.5 inches away from the cable jacket. Then, you can slide the wires into the Ethernet plug. Note that the orange/white wire is the pin 1when going into the slot. Make certain that all the wires reach the end of the slot.

There comes another important process. Insert the cable, then plug into the Ethernet crimping tool and squeeze the handles of the crimping tool till a slight click is heard.

Finished above, a Cat5 network cable is made. The last is to test whether the cable is available or not. Install the cable between a computer and a router, switch of hub. If the cable doesn’t work, check whether the wires are in correct order in the plug. While if still not work, you should cut off the plug and try again. Nice meeting, hope this article can help you!


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