How to Fix iPhone Water Damage

Actually, we know that it is easy to accidentally fall Phone in a muddy place as you are taking many things in your hands when walking outside or boating in a lake. You can take it back and dry out at once to save your damp iPhone which will cost you a lot of money if you decide to buy a new one. As you may know that iphone and iphone accessories are really expensive .Therefore you should  try your best to replace your iPhone unless the water damage is too severe.

How to Fix iPhone Water Damage

Believe it or not, here are some instructions which can help you face up to the troubles when you are very nervous and have no way to deal with what have accidently happened to you. As the saying goes: Water and oil are incompatible with human intelligence. Therefore, Please remove your iPhone from the water promptly. To refrain that iPhone is in a short circuit, turning the phone off. Next, press the button on the top edge of the phone so as to turn the phone off and try to take in as much water as possible with a towel. Then, Take your iPhone to an Apple Store or your cellphone supplier’s store and ask somebody to remove the back of the iPhone and take out the battery and SIM card. Transfering the battery which will help shun a short circuit. It is so complicated to remove the battery in an ordinary cellphone that shifting the battery and SIM card by yourself could cause extra damage to the iPhone. So taking the back off the phone that will dry out the inside better as well and take drops of water with an ear swab around and inside the phone where cannot get close to a towel. In the end, fill a plastic bag full of rice and put your iPhone inside the rice which can help take moisture out of the phone. Place the bag in a warm and dry condition for whole day.

We hope these can increase the life of your telephone and help you work more convenience. Most importantly, as long as you are enough careful to do according to the rules, I believe that can reduce damage or even cut down your costs. Protect it by yourself from now on, saving is endless. If you would like to learn about news, you can land in our site to our stores!


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