How to Clean the Sticky Side of a Screen Protector

When asked what can be done to protect screens of your devices such as your iPhone and iPad , the first answer that appears in your mind tends to be A Screen Protector. You have to admit that these pieces of plastic films do take effect in a way when protecting the screens of your devices,as the result of which you might have avoided for many times getting annoyed or pissed off when you see the damages to your screens. However, successfully dodging one bullet doesn’t mean that you can successively dodge another one. You may get annoyed in another way,especially when lint and hair find its way into the space between your phone and the protector’s adhesive side. Dying to avoid this kind of annoyance? Here are 5 easy steps to follow.

Screen Protector


Before cleaning the screen protectors there are things we need to get prepared: hand soup and fan. It would be good to choose something without harsh chemicals and undoubtedly the components of hand soap make hand soap itself as a good choice.

Get all the things needed ready and here we go.

1. Take the screen protector off for cleaning. Make sure that you’ve had the clear idea of the cleaning steps before you set to do the cleaning.

2. In order to ensure that your hands don’t bring dirt to the protector when you’re doing the clean job,wash your hands first in soapy water. This step can’t be neglected because you’ll use your hands in the following steps when cleaning the proctor and this can prevent the dirt on your hand from adhering to it.

3.Put the screen protector under running water to wash off the sticky side tenderly.

4.Soapy water again! Rinse the screen protector with soapy water you’ve prepared. You’ll have to repeat this step for several times to make sure that all the dirt and smudges being washed off.

5.Hold the almost clean screen protector in front of the fan you’ve prepared to dry it. Do this step in a room with clean air in case that dirt and smudges in the air find its way back to the screen


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