How to Choose the Correct Size Table Lamp

Nowadays,it is not easy to buy a table lamp,not because of the shortage of it but the abundance of the styles of the table lamps in the lighting store.It’s always a headache to choose the right lamp from all the dazzling lighting fixtures.As an important decor in a room even in a house,the table lamp can not only beautify your home but also provide the light you need.The size of the lamp is decisive to how it match a room and how the light of the lamp can be used.

Table Lamp with Crystal Base

Things You’ll Need

1.measuring tape 2.Lamp 3.Lamp shade


1.Take the room’s size into consideration.For the best result,the size of a lamp should be in proportion with the room,which means that you need to choose a larger lamp for a wide room while a smaller one for a smaller room.

2.Measure the height and diameter of the table in which your lamp will be located.The lamp you choose should be proportional with the table and the room.It would look unbalanced to put a big lamp on a small table or put a tiny lamp on a big table.

3.Also,the size of other furnishings should be taken into consideration.It’s appropriate to have large table lamp to go with large furnishings, and vice versa.

4.Choose a lamp shade that works well with the lamp base in size.An ill-suited lamp shade will make the lamp appear unbalanced and even destroy the aesthetic quality of the room.Therefore,do not buy a very small size shade for a large lamp nor a large size one for a small table lamp.

5.See how the lamp size match the room comprehensively.Put it on a table,then step back to see if it works well on the other furnishings and be proportionate with the room.Place it at the eye level on the table when you sit down.

You should put some thought to the lamp size when buying a lamp,if you just like the style and buy it hastily, you might regret it when the lamp is out of proportion to your room and take away from its appearance.Also, provide a variety of quality lights at the LOWEST prices possible.Do not miss it !


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