How to Choose a Table Lamp

Many people do not realize how important it is to choose a table lamp,in their mind,choosing a right table lamp is just to find a lamp and the suitable wattage for the bulb.However,it’s more than that.You should choose the table lamp which you can make the best use of and complement the general style or decoration of your room.Now follow me and see the tips.

Table Lamp Crystal Iron Modern Style

1.Consider where are you going to put the lamp,it will help you to whittle away options that do not fit your need while choosing the type of lighting you want.Also,in many cases the table lamps are usually made for specific use,room or style.For instance,stronger light for study room,soft light for bedroom,simple or elegant in style for a hallway,modern for home office,etc.In fact,where the lamps will be used is decisive for what kind of lamps you need to buy.

2.How you are going to use the table lamp is also needed to be taken into consideration.Decide what kind of lighting you require.For example,choose the task lighting for the roon where you read and work;choose the ambient lighting which can light illuminates the cube from every direction if you have a broad area.It also can help to establish mood.What’s more, accent lighting which gives emphasis to a subject is the best choice for your collection cabinet;decorative lighting is ideal for beautifying your room.

3.Keep a table lamp in the same style as that of your decoration and furniture.There are various styles for you to choose depend on your house’s general style,such as rustic lamps for brown tones;Tiffany lamps for stained glass details or colorful style;buffet lamps for a slender and sleek table and mission lamps for flat panels.

4.Measure the size of the table which the lamp will rest so as to make sure the lamp is in proportion with the table.Pick a larger lamp for a wide table otherwise the lamp would be ignored visually,likewise,a smaller or narrower one for a small table.For the best results,the table lamp should be put at eye level and at this height the bulb should not be seen.

I am sure that the tips above are enough to give you a clue in choosing an appropriate table lamp.However,it’s you, after all,that decide which one to buy,you can take that as a reference and follow your own rule and thought to purchase your ideal table lamp.And I would like to inform you that offers a variety of lights with Low Price possible.Do not miss it !


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