How to Choose a Lamp Shade

Lamps can be very versatile and portable,and their locations can be easily changed in a house for different uses.You can also modify them to go with the decor by simply changing the lamp shades of the lamps to make them look different.But I know it’s not easy to choose the right one with the various styles and shapes provided.Here are some tips you may need.

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1.Choose the right size for your new shade.In order to make sure your lamp shade will not be too large or too small,measure the size of the lamp base,the size of your lamp shade should be as approximately 75% as that of the lamp base.

2.Choose the shape of the lamp shade according to the lamp base.If the shape of your lamp base is tubular or round,then choose a round lamp shade which will be the best fit.If it’s square,choose a square lamp shade.

3.Consider what the lamp would be used for,then you can control the light by using a shade.For reading, you need a shade with light color and a wide bottom so that there is enough light pass through.However,for mood lighting,you need to limit the amount of light by selecting a shade with darker color and a relatively smaller bottom.

4.Aesthetically,it’s better not to match an ornate lamp base with an ornate shade,or they would look over decorated.Choose the shade style which will complement with that of the lamp base.For instance,if your lamp base is colorful or vivid,then you should choose a plain shade;if your lamp base is plain then the lamp shade should be more decorative.

5.Another element is also of importance,which is how long will you turn on your lamp.The bulb will produce more heat when the lamp is turned on for a long time.That’s why you should choose a shade with cylinder- or drum-shaped and a wider tops for dissipating heat if you need to work with your lamp on frequently.

By reading the tips,you might come up with a better idea in choosing your lamp shade already.Hope you can find an ideal lamp shade to make your home look more splendid.Also,if you need more lights and lamp provide a variety of quality lights at the LOWEST prices possible.Do not miss it !


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