How to Choose a Lamp Shade Size

Table lamps are commonly seen in people’s houses for they not only are useful and portable in daily lighting but also can adorn your home or any interior space.In most cases,there is always a complementary shade to match with the table lamp which will spare you the work of choosing the size and style of a appropriate lamp shade for your lamp.But when you find your shade old or dull you might want to replace it.The size of the lamp shade is of the most importance in choosing the right one for your lamp,so take out your measuring tape and follow the simple steps below.

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1.Calculate the height of your lamp by measuring it from the bottom to the top of the lamp.The bottom diameter of a lamp shade should be less than about two inches the height of your lamp.

2.It’s imperative to decide the perfect diameter for the shade.A ideal measurement for the lamp shade will be within about two inches of the height of your lamp.For example,if you has a table lamp which is 18 inches,then you should choose a shade which has a bottom diameter of less than or equal to20 inches and more than or equal to 16 inches.

3.Determine the best height for your shade.According to a website,the total height of the lamp shade should be related to that of the harp,and it is better to be less than about half an inch shorter or taller than the overall height of the harp.So we it’s necessary to do the measurement of the harp which is the area from the metal wire under the socket to the edge of the lamp.For instance,if the harp of your lamp is nine inches,then it requires an eight-and-a-half inch to nine-and-a-half inch in height.

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In case you choose the lamp shade with wrong size, take out a measuring tape and follow the steps above so that you can buy a exact size shade to fit your lamp.Also, provide a variety of quality lights at the LOWEST prices possible.Do not miss it !


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