How to Buy a Printer Cable?

With the development of technology, there are viperous printers and computes. The time to buy a standard PC or Mac printer cable is gone. Among the glittering array of printer cables, you may feel confused that which one is the one perfect for my current use., as a provider of Printers and printer Cable, here to guide you choose the one you needs. From the following guides including common senses and instructions, you’ll be a wise man in buying a Printer cable according to the situation.

Firstly, you should know that if your computer has a parallel port and a USB port means you can choose either one to connect to the printer(if the printer has both too). While if your printer and computer are only has one different with each other, you should buy an adapter kit.

Secondly, to any PC printer and a parallel port, they are all compatible with an IEEE 1284-compatible, bidirectional parallel printer cable which is more fast than other parallel cables but more expensive. USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables are faster than the IEEE 1284-compatible, bidirectional parallel printer cable and cheaper. While, there is problems occurring sometime. For example, the USB port can be “flaky”, the printer may work with one person but not all the person share it, or happened to small problem after you restart your computer. Therefore, if you pursue more stable work or are in urgent need, the IEEE 1284-compatible, bidirectional parallel printer cable maybe a better choice.

Thirdly, if your printer is an old dot-matrix printer, you can choose a generic parallel printer cable, it compatible with any PC. To connect a Macintosh-compatible printer to 6000, 7000 or 8000 series PowerPC or any older ones, you should buy a serial cable. While to connect the Macintosh-compatible printer with a USB port to an iMac or G3, or a newer Macintosh, you can buy a shielded Series A to Series B USB cable. This also can be used to connect a printer with a USB port to a PC came with Windows 98 pre-installed. The Late-1990s Hewlett-Packard printers often comes with cheaper, slower cables, which only might work for simple jobs but cause miscommunication problem in the future. However, the manufacture correctly advises that the compatibility can’t be expected.

The last, there is some things you should note. Note that if your computer doesn’t meet the requirements of the printer, no cable will work. You should ensure the computer has met the demands all. Note if cables claim to be considerably faster than others of the same type, you should skeptical about that and ask for a demonstration with the supposedly faster cable tried first. Older Cannon printers only work with 6-foot cables; you can identify the older printer or choose the right cable. And you should expect occasional printer problems when the computer and printers couldn’t be work well, such as you are daisy-chaining parallel-port peripherals and the computer didn’t ship with Windows 98.

After reading this instruction, I’m certain you have known what cable you need for your printer and computer. As more friendly, there recommend to you. It is a store sells good quality cables in verity. You can get the right one in some cheap price for there is sometimes have promotions.


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