Do I Have SlimPort Device?

Do you have a SlimPort Device? If you don’t, you do need to get one! The SlimPort Device could introduce you with the new and fresh experience of both work and entertainment. Have you ever thought about working with a larger screen directly? Just only one SlimPort Device could make it come true!

With the Slimport micro USB to VGA adapter, you could transfer the picture via the USB interface to your computer to the display terminal like another larger screen. This adapter adopts the advanced high performance main control chip, therefore it’s possible for it to meet the requirement of 1920×1080 high definition output to all kinds of CRT, liquid crystal display, projector, LCD TV and etc. What’s more, the micro USB to VGA adapter also supports four kinds of display model which is extending, synchronizing, switchover between the home screen and sub screen and revolving.The function of splitting screen could broader the working area on the desktop which could easily improve the effectiveness on working. Synchronizing, the second function of this adopter, could show you two same picture especially when you are working on the financial statement and the cutting of the video. With the ability of switchover between the home screen and the sub screen, you could go to your favourite screen and won’t miss the most excited one. According to the requirement of the users, the USB to VGA adapter could revolve the picture on any angle the users ask in order to make sure that the users could watch all the detail they need.

On the other hand, the Slimport Company also prepare the micro USB to HDMI adapter to satisfied most of the users’ needs. This micro USB to HDMI adapter could support the high definition output as well as the win8 system. If you find that you spent lots of time on switching between different windows then you really need to get one micro USB to HDMI adapter. With this adapter, your computer screen would be more effective and also you could connect more screen with your computer and double your workload. This USB to HDMI adapter also has the same four function as the USB to VGA adapter: extending, synchronizing, switchover between the home screen and sub screen and revolving.

Don’t hesitate any more! Just get them back and upgrade your workload with a more comfortable way. For more information, please goes to


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