DisplayPort Cables,Male to Male,Gold Plated,with 54% off!

We are still looking for such a life that we could go wherever we want, photograph whatever we like. A digital camera can allow you to take any photos while you can share your pictures more prosperously with the help of display port to HDMI cables. You can transfer your photos from your digital camera to your TV or any other devices. You can play computer games on your TV which will be more interesting.

6Ft Displayport (DP) to HDMI Cable, Male to Male, Gold Plated

The male-to-male cable could change Display port signals into HDMI signals. This is the necessary condition if you want to share your happiness on your liquid crystal display television. You do not need to spend time on installing because the cable will get into work once you have plugged in the two devices. Since the length of this cable is 6Ft so you could use it in your bedroom, chamber and office. It is longer than other model yet if you want a shorter one , we also can provide it for you .This kind of male to male cable would bring great convenience to you while would not take up your space.


On the other hand, the Display Port Cables is made up by great quality materials. The joints plated with gold can ensure the stability of signals during the transmission process. We all know that we want to enlarge the brilliant experience but not to destroy the beauty. So it is very important to choose a suitable cable with perfect joints. As for the cable, it is made up of extremely precise oxygen-free copper. There is a high-density shield on it .Besides; it has passed the ESD protection test. It conforms to the DP interoperability specification. You can check full DP link training.

And then, if you decide to purchase such a 6Ft DP to HDMI cable, please confirm these details before you place an order. This is a male to male cable that only can be used between DP and HDMI. The standby mode current of this product is 64Ua. If the product really meets your need, you are in luck because we can provide it for you in a lower price. This is a half-off sale and you could obtain our 6Ft DP to HDMI cable only cost $6.49 at Primecables.com.Meanwhile, we provide life-time warranty service for this perfect cable. So, purchase it as soon as possible or it will be sold out!


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