Apple & Thunderbolt Mini DisplayPort

Have you ever been unsatisfied by the standard size of your apple devices like iphone or ipad? You may image that if the screen is as large as the television and the world could be much better. And now, the all these products are exactly designed for the people who an imagination like you! With all the following products, you could easily say goodbye the small screen and just free yourself to whatever larger screen you want.

The first one you should know is 30 pin dock connector to HDMI Adapter. This adapter is totally white and simple with only two sides of it. One is the the HDMI connector and the other side is the Apple(30-pin) dock connector. With this 30 pin dock connector to HDMI adapter, you could find a better experience of using the apple devices. For example, you could connect your ipad or iphone to the television, projector or even DVI display when you are watching movie or doing any other things. Looking at the broader screen could definitely give you a better mood to work or enjoy the video.


Then the second cable you should have is the Mini DisplayPort | Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter w/ Audio Support for Apple Macbook and etc. The former adapter is only for the small size device of Apple but the second adapter we recommend you is for the larger device like computers. This Mini displayport to HDMI adapter w/audio support could transfer the pic to the projector and television from your apple computers. This adapter also adopts the white covered design and has two heads as the above one. While you need to deliver a presentation in your office, you really carry this mini displayport by your side.

Another adapter we prepared for you is Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter. Better than the former two adapters, this Mini Display port could also support the HDMI and VGA device. This adapter support you to transfer the picture to standard mode display or the LCD with VGA or HDMI port.

Last but not least, the high quality 3 in 1 mini displayport DP to DP DVI HDMI cable adapter combines all the advantages existed. It could support the connection between your apply devices and the DVI/HDMI with a highest video resolution.

There must be one adapter suits in these four products we have shown above. For more information, please goes to


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