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Nowadays, most of the modern family has installed the broadband in their home. But the more family has chosen the wireless networking therefore they could enjoy the Wi-Fi at home and surfing the internet in any computer or mobile phone or any device. However, we may suddenly drop off while we’re chatting in the web or downloading which is quiet annoying. All these problems are exactly what you need to consider before buying a wireless networking router.

TP-LINK 54M WR340G Wireless Router

With the launch of formal standard of IEEE802.11n, whether choosing the type of 11g or 11n becomes the biggest problems for lots of families. Even after picking the standard of the network protocol, the users would continuously feel confused to chose the transmission rate. For most of the users, we suggest that you should choose 11n Wi-Fi networking router for the sake of the fact that the 11n router has the faster wireless transfer speed, the longer wireless transfer distance and the better ability of wireless protection. While we comes to the price, especially the 150M wireless networking router, it only has little difference of the 54M wireless router but the better cost performance than the 54M router. Therefore, the wireless networking router which achieve the standard of the IEEE802.11n is you better choice.TP-Link 54M WR340G Wireless Router 2.4GHz 802.11g/b Fixed Antenna may suits you according to this.

As for the transforming rate, the 150M router is more suitable for the common domestic consumer. According to the actual test, we could easily find that the actual speed of the 54M, 150M and 300M routers are all much slower than the theoretical velocity. The actual velocity of the 50M is only 20M which could not satisfy the need of the modern users. The actual velocity of the 300M is far from it’s theoretical velocity but close to the velocity of wire transmission(100M) which could satisfy most of the users. However, for the 150M router, the actual rate is only 20% differ from the 300M router. Therefore, the 150M router gets the better performance just like TP-Link TL-WR740N 150Mbps 4-Port 10/100 Wireless N Router.

AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

as for the signal, we believe that the more antenna means the stronger signal. Because of the fact that the 54M router only has a single antenna and do not support MIMO therefore is not the best choice for us. For the common users, the 150M router could cover the whole house but could decrease as the adding of walls. So if you do need the stronger signal, just the 300M router with three antenna just like AC1750 wireless Dual band Gigabit Router.

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