Why not get a Quality & Cheapest Cat7 Cables Gold Connector ?

Nothing works best than a Cab-UG-C7-1F-RD model type. Getting a 1Ft Cat7 Ethernet Cable Gold Connector that comes red in color is the wisest of all choices to make. One must know that this gold connector completes the networks of your homes and completes the high-speed internet setup. This connector is best in terms of connectivity and not just that but even in terms of price so that majority of people can avail its benefits and rewards. Your network functions may include hubs, switches, DSL/ wire modem, routers, and system adapters. For such applications, this gold connector is highly useful and superlative. Anyone who wishes to have fast internet speed and superb connectivity must know that this super model high quality cable gold connector has a 600MHz speed and a 10gbps Ethernet. This unique yet amazing product has an RJ-45 gold plated connector attached at both ends of the cable that is one feet long in terms of length.

1Ft Cat7 Ethernet Cable Gold Connector with cheapest price $2.09

The cat7  Ethernet cable gold connector is a feet longer in length and falls in 7-Ethernet patch cable category. It is a four pair’s patch cable, which has a screen, foiled warped pair too. This one rates for up to 10gbps networks. The amazing fact about it is it has a 600 MHz transmission speed with a 27 AWG performer gauge. RoHS approves of this amazing model. In addition to this, it has lead free components. It is also ETL Verified to EIA/TIA. On buying a single package, you would get a one-foot long category 7-Ethernet patch Cable that has a gold connector. Life would be so much easier with the cable we are offering for it makes sure that your internet setups and networks run smoothly without errors of any kind. Do not miss on the opportunity to get this amazing offer and save up to 65 percent of money.

Cat7 (S/STP) Ethernet Cable Gold Connector is a stranded 568B type model that offers everything one needs to boost up the home based networks and connections. You may not want to lose the offer so hurry and order online now. We offer our customers with free shipping for all orders so if you make the move now, you will be saving shipping money too. You might like to see other products that we offer. For that, you only need to make a few clicks and follow us on our website primecables.com and find the right kind of product offerings for yourself if you wish better functioning of your network connections.


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