Where to order camera tripod online in Canada ?

A high quality camera tripod is  necessary if you want to take good photos,where can we buy the best camera tripod? Photogear.com is the first choice of my store, photogear.com set a variety of high quality camera tripod for you to choose from, today I will introduce a Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT Tripod. In recent years is the three tripod and head market development period, new products or brands emerge in an endless stream. But their homogeneity is more serious, innovative products is too small. Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT Tripod is worth I recommended, because it is a matter of three foot part or the head part, it is very unique, very out of the ordinary.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT Tripod

There is a gray turn adjusting ring in front of the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT Tripod, pull it towards the rear, the handle can rotate 360 degrees, so that you can to transverse, oblique or inverted and other ways to use this handle. There is a small knob handle after the top, it can be controlled through the handle after the ball rotary damping. If the damping is appropriate, do not pinch the handle button can point to fine tune the camera, let go after the camera does not automatically shift. There is a small wrench on its side, loosen after upper head seat can rotate 360 degrees, so you can shoot panoramic photos. The rotation of the platform can refer to the angle scale, can also according to the 72 node built-in to the angle between two nodes, each of 5 degrees, 72 is exactly 360 degrees.

The upper part of the platform with a red button grey wrench, this is called “double security fast loading plate locking system”, only press the red button to open wrench, fast loading plate can get down from the platform. Because the bottom is surrounded by the grooves of the square, the quick mounting plate in the card into the platform will be more convenient and free. 263AT three tripod is an aluminum alloy pipe medium three tripod, the maximum height of 165 cm, instead of the central axis of the height of 132.5 cm, after folding length 63 cm. It has three foot tube, the diameter of 26 mm. Its weight is 2000 grams, rated load is 5 kg, the maximum load is 7 kg. Its biggest characteristic is central to transverse or oblique. Only the central rose to the highest, release the foot on the seat axis tilt wrench, can central shaft. Due to the central axis and axis is independent of the locking button, the axis in horizontal or diagonal, can also be extended or retracted using. Axis locking button release the foot on the seat, shaft is able to pin header as the center to rotate 360 degrees, so in the middle flat or inclined, you can quickly move to any direction to the camera.

Such a good product we only sell $149.99. Click our website Photogear.com to know more. Here is the best camera tripod online in Canada !


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