Where to get a USB to Micro USB to MFi Certified Lightning 8 Pin Cable ?

When you need a cable that charges your smart phones and synchronizes those with other devices then no other name is best than a USB to Micro USB to MFi Certified lighting 8Pin Cable 1M (3Ft). This devices’ best model is the Cab-usb-micro-lighting-1M. 3-feet long in length this cable has a USB 2.0 to micro USB with micro 5P B Female to lighting 8 pin cable and it does not require a driver. Now whatever smart phone you may carry, you can easily charge it with this lighting 8-pin cable. It carries a micro USB and a lighting port. Not just the charging of Samsung, i-phone-5 or I-pad mini is possible but even one can transfer all important files and data with the use of it.

USB to Micro USB to MFi Certified Lightning 8 Pin Cable

This multipurpose high quality USB 2.0 can now easily charge your Apple iOS and android Smartphone and in addition to charging these devices, it helps in synchronization of these too. You would not want anything else once you get this for use. Easy to use and affordable in price terms, no other option can be as best as this one. Order it online and do not waste time for such offers are only limited yet extremely valuable for long-term use purposes. Another good quality associated to this cable is a USB A-male connector on one end and another USB micro male-B connector at the other end of the cable. This lets the charging of not only the Android phones but also the non-Apple mobile devices easy. It even synchronizes these devices.

The micro B connector of this MFi certified lighting 8-pin cable has a micro B USB to lighting connector adapter attached to it. This attachment is possible via the help of a tether. All you will have to do for the synchronization and charging of the Apple iOS devices to start would be to plug-in the adapter into the micro B-connector. The process gets started and to avoid losing the connections, there is a tether too. Charge and synchronize Apple iOS devices with lighting connector, a charge, sync Android, and other devices that use micro USB.

You will get a lifetime warranty with the purchase of this amazing product. The cable type is a USB 2.0 and the length is 1M 3 feet long. Black in color and with two connector types, this model is the best to buy. Order it now as we offer free shipping for all orders. For more details, visit primecables.com.


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