Where to buy Anti Blue-Ray Screen Protector?

Nowadays, we tend to attach more importance to our health, especially our eyes condition. Therefore, an increasing number of measure had been released to protect our eyes and the anti blue-ray screen protector is one of them. This protector is specially made for those who has already realized the harmful effect of blue-ray from the screen of our device. Therefore, if you also want to safeguard your eye health, please check phonegala.com

iPhone 5 5S Anti Blue Ray Eyes Protection Transparent Screen Protector

The damage of blue-ray has already been recognized by the whole world because of it’s high energy which could speed up the aging of cell in the retinochrome. The visual impairment resulted from the lack of nutrition for the light-sensing cell always leads to short-sightedness. The blue-ray could not only lead to the falling of vision but also the over-growing colored patches. The protector adds an layer of anti blue-ray therefore just detecting these province you want. The seat is going to know that some place in the tv shows i could watch so if or not for free page.

What is Blue Light ?

The iPhone 5/5S anti blue-ray screen protector could filter the blue ray and the harmful ultraviolet rays in a short way which make the light all in the fixed wavelength and ensure the effect of protecting eyes. There’s seven protection: the first two is anti blue-ray and the second is prevention of ultraviolet rays. The anti blue-ray protector could prevent the entering of plenty of harmful things such as blue-ray, ultraviolet, melanin and radiation. Because of the prevention of ultraviolet and blue-ray, this screen protector won’t let too much dazzling into people’s eyes and relieve the eye dry, red and swollen and hurts. For lost of children, this protector could also prevent them from beeing shortsightedness. For women, the screen protector could stop the damage of skin from the blue-ray therefore less yellow spot or freckle would appear on faces.

To most of us, the film redirecting is not a easy job. But if you choose this anti blue-ray screen protector which have the super stong adsorption capacity. Thus,we could do it on my own. The anti blue-ray screen protector adopts nano-coating, adapted glasses explosion-proof layer and silicone coated fabric. Also, the protector can relieve the impact force and stay as a hold part after crush. The AGC glasses imported from Germany could prevent the scratch. With only 0.2mm base material thickness, this anti blue-ray screen protector enjoys the top technique within the ntion.Get an anti blue-ray screen protector right now at phonegala.com



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