What about using the 5 Way Hub Headphone for your Phone?

When you want to sure your favourite music or broadcast to someone besides you, what are you going to do? I guess you just pass your earphone to her, right? If there’s a group of people you want to share your music with, passing the earphone could be awkward. What about using this 5way hub headphone? So you just only let your friends put their earphone jack in it and go to the world of music together!

This audio splitter 3.5mm 5way hub headphone adopts the simple aluminum design and the fine and durable gold platted materials which could reduce the electromagnetic wave interference effectively and guarantee the outstanding tone quality. The super slime audio jack won’t effect the usage of others audio jacks. Otherwise, one of the 3.5mm audio jack is completely compatible for the standard TRRS equipped mic headsets, so you could answer your phone while enjoying the music or films without missing any of them.

The 5 way hub headphone is suitable for every device equipped with 3.5mm audio jack like the cell phone, tablet Pc or laptop. It also have plenty of advantages. For the first one, this adapters could be used with MP3, CD, MD, mobile phone and etc, connecting several headsets so that you could enjoy the music without disturbing anybody. This audio splitter adopts the selected PVC material and has a soft cover with a fashion outlook and easy to take. Secondly, when you are not sharing, you could equip the mic and headsets together. The installing process is easy because you just need to insert the audio ports on it. When you use the your headsets, just remember to turn off the mic and vice versa. Each audio jack could be control individually. This special audio slipper could also control sound mixing to make the perfect sound effect you want. More surprisingly, even the 5 way hub headphone have to slip the sound apart, but according to most of the users, the quality of the sound is not worse than the original quality. But volume may be effected if there’s some changing of the audio jacks which could be solved by each individual switch.

When you need to watch the video when your friends, you could also use this magic audio slipper. Because in this situation, two or more headsets connected by the audio slipper is much better than two people sharing one headset or using the loud speaker.

If you love sharing and also you have many friends to share with, don’t hesitate, just go to primecables.com and get it!


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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