What about trying the new oxygen-free copper speaker wire cable?

What about trying the new oxygen-free copper speaker wire cable? This new launched cable could provides you with the best user experience than ever before. What’s more, it’s the best buy for most of us because it’s cost performance is really amazing!

Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable

The 100ft 14AWG Enhanced  Speaker Wire  chooses to use band new high-class oxygen-free copper to make it’s electrical conductor which could ensure of the stability of the speaker wire cable. The gauge of this loudspeaker cable is 14AWG and it’s length is 100 ft. For it’s strand count, it’s 75 wires and the strand size is 0.19mm OD. For it’s twist type, the company adopts multi-twist and the technique of rope lay for the sake of the fact that it could help to make the loudspeaker cable more stable and uniform. The resistance per meter for this wire cable is around 0.0087 ohm which is quiet outstanding while comparing with the average products in the market. For the cross sectional area, this speaker wire cable is 2.5mm Sq. And the outer dimensions of PVC jacket of this cable is 4.00mm x 8.00mm, which is more safety and convenience for constructing. The company also has jet printed the blue mark while the color of the PVC jacket is clear. When it comes to the package, the loudspeaker cable is always tend to be rolled on spool w/PE warp normally.

This 100ft 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable has received over98% positive feedback on plenty commercial platform such as ebay and Amazon. What’s more, it got the top-rated seller on 2009 with 49529 votes. For this kind of 100ft 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable, the suitable working temperature is between -40 degree to 105 degree which is convenient for our construction. With the perfect selected material and outstanding technique, this loudspeaker wire could give you the amazing performance and transfer the voice with the lowest signal loss. This cable wire could also give you the emphasis on the low end of loud which is greater than most of the products in the market.

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