Wanna connect ultrabook,tablet,mobile phone to projector for big screen viewing?!

Have you ever try to watch a video on a big screen and save it in your mobile phone? This HDMI adapter could help you realize this action. Most of officers could need this adapters because it’s a better experience when you could do something on the bigger screens rather than the common cell phone.

This HDMI 1.4 Male to VGA Female Adapter has a small size and low power dissipation. Only with the power output of DC5V, the adapters could begin to work. This adapters internally install the conversion chip which could turn the HDMI signal to the VGA signal without diminution fo the signal. The HDMI output could support 1080P and the output is the same as input because of the point-to-point output. The cable in the side of input could extend 15 meters and in the side of output it could extend 5 meters.

The Great adapter is suitable for the HDMI high-definition digital mixed-signal for it’s input side and in the output side, it support the VGA analog signal. For the resolution, the adapters could support 1080P and adopts 720p automatically. If you need another kind of resolution, you could do it manually. For it’s suitable working temperature, it’s between -15 degree to 85 degree with the humidity of 10% to 80%. This HDMI 1.4 male adapters also support hot plug and activation of pre-reading is nearly 4 seconds. The adapters could only use for the transfer from the HDMI side for the computers or DVD to the VGA side for television or projector and could not transfer in the reverse direction. The adapters are made of the high purity of oxygen free copper and the gold plated plugs. It could turn the signal of HDMI to the signal of VGA completely and support the transmission between digital signal and analog signal. It could also support HDCP 1.0/1.1/1.2. The installing process is easy and fast with the simple operation. With this HDMI adapters, the image quality is life-like with high definition. If your output device is mini HDMI or mircro HDMI, we advise you to get another converter to turn it into the standard HDMI and then plus our this HDMI adapters. Please notice that whether your output device could support the adjustment of output resolution.

If you want to get a more convenient work experience, just simply get this adapter to reach it! What’s ore, it’s on sale now! For more information, just go to primecables.com.


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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