Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go 3-Piece Cable Organizer Combo $3.99 only!

This is true. You can now travel without having tensions of how and where to keep your cords and cables. With the high quality package of an Ut Wire cord wrap to-go-3-piece cable organizer combo, you can now easily wrap up your cords into compact forms. The packing and traveling would be easy. Unlike past times, now you do not need to leave your necessary items behind just to avoid messed up packing and traveling in turn. With this unique product, you will find an easy travelling along with an organized management. The model UTW-CWTGH-01 comes in reasonable price so each of you can easily pack your bags and carry them along without troubles of any kind.

Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go 3-Piece Cable Organizer Combo

Be it a small hand carry or a travelling bag, or be it your pockets or a knapsack, you just need a UT wire cord wrap to wrap up the cables and cords of the vital items you need to carry along with you to your destination. Just a small space and all your necessary wiring and cablings can fit inside. Tangled wires can be a big mess. We understand that completely. We also understand how the tangled wires and cords may waste much amount of your precious time, which is why we design the Ut wire cord in a manner that makes it easy for use and keeps all cables you wish to carry along untangled. In addition, we keep the prices low too so that you can all get to avail the benefits associated to this amazing and unique product.

The amazing features of the Ut wire cord-wrap cable organizer do not end here. This cord organizer has a compact design that is ideal to store cords from portable electronic devices in your purses and comes in black, gray, and red colors. Buying a single kit would get you a 0.25 feet long cord wrapper. However, the kits vary in sizes. Either you can buy a small or medium one or you can get yourself a large kit depending of course on the length and size of your cords. You get to have it packed in a bag wherein the product height would be 2.125 inches high.

Do not miss this great opportunity and order it online now. You will also find it useful that we offer free shipping for all orders. So do not waste another second to think over for nothing beats this amazing offer. For more details, visit us at primecables.com.


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