Trying our Bulk Network Cables 1000FT,23AWG*4P BC 550MHz

With the advent of information age, an increasing number of people tend to reply on the internet in their lives. Therefore, it’s important for us to ensure the speed of the internet and this 1000FT 23AWG*4P BC Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable may be the one you are looking for.
This Cat6 UTP solid cable adopts no oxygen copper rod for it’s conductor and using tandem line technique to produce the cable which could makes sure of the stability and speed of producing. For the insulator, the company choose the imported high-performance HDPE( high density polyethylene).

1000FT 23AWG4P BC Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable

For the pair twisting, back twist system is adopted which could guarantee the stable and perfect performance of it’s subsequent product. For the finished product, the company choose to use single cantilever so that we could assure the stability and uniformity of the construction with a high speed. The jacket of cable introduces extruded flame retardant PVC material to it and internally install rip cord for splitting the jacket while constructing. The mark on the solid cable is jet printed on it with the one meter printing distance. And this UTP cable would be packaged in 305 meter per box and conform to the requirement of the 1000 inch internationally. Our finished cable also be spot checked by “TFI-04 high frequency digital cable testing system” and meets the requirement of Cat 6. What’s more, our overall packaging is tidy and nice.

This Cat6  Network Cables  is suitable for LAN(local area network) and connects the computers within the same location. You could choose UTP RJ45 plugs or modules for the receiving sides of our cables. What’s more, you could choose to use this cable in Ethernet which transmission frequency ups to 10000M (10000BASE-T4). Therefore, the 23AWG*4P BC Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable is called “Ethernet cable” in the market.The UTP solid cable adopts the selected copper which is high quality without oxygen. The plastic for our cable jacket enjoys higher strength and could be hard to fall off or be nipped off. This solid cable also has a higher security standard the international and it’s rate of partial core is much lower the average.

Just get a better cable for yourself and a better experience of surfing the internet. For more perfect choices, please goes to


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