Tiffany style floor lamp at attractive price

How about a floor lamp to add a sense of retro style and a feeling of coziness to a corner of your living room or your reading room? The floor lamps were common in most Victorian and Tudor style homes in the yesteryears. Today the modern LED lighting systems are fast replacing all lamps and traditional lighting in homes. However, CFL bubs fitted in retro style lamps would help you blend in elements of style of the yesteryears along with modern energy saving requirements. That is why the range of Tiffany style lamps are so attractive. Lightingbox is a premier brand that has a whole range of such lighting solutions which provide exciting possibilities for your home interiors.

Tiffany-Style Floor Lamp

If you opt for the Tiffany style floor lamp, you will find it a unique well crafted piece with art glass. The stained glass fixture in ornate iron frames comes with subtle embellishments. The long, ornate iron stand is sturdy and adds an element of elegance to any room or corner. If you have Victorian style furniture in a living space or even a corner of the hallway, you can create a nostalgic space here by adding such a floor lamp next to an armchair or a table.
If you are eager to add such a floor lamp to your collection, come on board This website has a wide array of electronic and electrical devices and accessories which can be sourced from this single, reliable portal. The prices are unmatched by any other portal. Consequently, this floor lamp which comes at a normal retail price of $329.99 will be available to you at $259.99. You will be saving upto 21% if you place in your order by July 1st, 2014. The shipping is provided free of cost but you might be in for a disappointment if you order in later as there are only six items available. The detailed product description is available on the site as well as close up photos of the item at very angle. You can visualize the floor lamp in different interior settings. There are proposed accessories such as pendant or table lamps of the Tiffany style which you could consider adding to your collection. You can review the product, gain feedback about the seller and other useful information at this portal before you place your order. The payment gateway is secure and you will find a plethora of payment options available.


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