The Cat7 Cables is the best one to use

If you are in search of the best Ethernet connections for various functions and applications then stop the searching for it is only a waste of time, nothing else. The best Ethernet connection for different functions that one can get at highly affordable price is a 3-Ft Cat 7 Network cable. This cable comes blue in color. You do not have to worry over connection issues. This cable has gold plated connectors and in addition to that has a design of a screened shielded bend pairing, which makes it flexible and strong enough to secure, and guard your cables form any external interferences, which may be in the form of an electro-magnetic interference commonly referred to as EMI. This optimized signal class is possible only if you get this amazing network cable. The blue jacket covering provides suppleness to your set-up connection. This cable is highly durable in terms of use since it has a sprain relief factor, which keeps the RJ-45 connector from twisting at a pointed position.

3Ft Cat 7 Network Cables-Blue

The model of this Cat 7 cables has a Cab-Cat7-3BL type, which we design in a problem-less manner, which helps to get rid of the irritation of catching or hooking on stuff when one has to draw the cable on an extended way. Being a cable belonging to category-7 cables, it has a common name of a Cat-7 and is a cable set for Ethernet and other interrelated technologies. This cable performs its role at 10gigabit over 100 meters of copper wiring, making it unique in terms of functioning and performance. It comes in blue color and is three feet long in length. With a warped pair design and a protected casing, it is best for use and is durable too.

This 3-Ft Cat-7 Network Cables manages to hold up frequency that ranges up to 600 MHz and it supports speed that may go as high as 10,000 Mbit/s. This is another astonishing characteristic attached to it and is hard to find in other products of related nature. Compared to a Cat-6 type, this one has yet added stern requirement for crosstalk and structure sound. This has been possible because of the defense on the individual cable pairs and the wire as a whole.Connect your computers to centers and knobs with this amazing cat-7 cables and order it online now. We offer free shipping for all orders so you can save a great deal of money. To get additional info on this item and other such items, come and visit our website now.


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