The Best iOttie Waterproof Skin In Canada

July and August are just the most hot days in summer,everybody could not help said:it’s so hot!At this moment, swimming will be the best way to stay cool.but the problem follows this,that is your mobile phone is too dangerous.According to a report from Asurion mobile phone insurance company, said people is the most easy lost or damaged mobile phone in the summer.Therefore,before you jump into the water with a cell phone in your pocket,Please have a look at our iOttie™ Waterproof Skin.

iOttie Waterproof Skin take the advantages of Water proof, Dirtproof,as well as Dustproof.which is specially design for iPad 2 / 3 / 4 with 2 pack.Exquisite picture quality ensured by 98% skin transparency at the camera positions.That’s means you can take it to go swimming,and seize the wonderful momment in the water.You will also surprised that this super Waterproof Skin capable of retains full touchscreen and call functionality while encased in waterproof skin.Compared with traditional protective film,which is easy to come off with bubles,this Incorporated 3M’s adhesive technology to ensure complete water, sand, and dirt protection.This iOttie waterproof skin gives your phone full protection without compromising its form and functionality.


The so called waterproof bags, cases, or pouches that is out in the current market is just too grim. They are uninviting, bulky and not to mention ugly. iOttie’swaterproof skin is designed just for that reason.Item includes 2 waterproof skins, 4 sealing tapes, and 4 pink leakage indicator for multipurpose activities: Underwater activity, Fishing, Bathing, Ski, Snowboarding, Outdoor activity.It is also weightless, uses reverse seal for unprecedented style, and user friendly at its limits while still providing exceptional waterproof capability for the devices. It has been certified by Japan Quality Assurance Organization for its waterproof capability; patented in Korea and has a patent submitted in US for its unique and innovative design.

Also,I would like to inform you that this iOttie™ Waterproof Skin is ON SALE at,and the price as low as $24.99 only !By the way,there are a variety of iOttie™ Waterproof Skin for Samsung Galaxy,iphone,ipad and more.Dress your device a slim water resistant skin and let it go dancing in the rain. The iOttie New Waterproof Skin; is hermetically sealed to protect your device through all aquatic adventures; While donning this IPX8 classified super thin skin, all of your device’s call and touchscreen functions are available, so you are always ready to snap that picture or take that call. Whether you are skipping in the rain, doing laps in the pool, or building forts in the snow,Get it now,Get protected, Get going!



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