The best choice for your Network – Cat 7Network Cables.

Cat7 network cable

Cat7 Networking cable, the best choice for your network, is on sale now! If you still have not try the super-fast surfing experience, you must have a try! There is a large rage of the Cat 7network cables so that you could the most suitable one for your home or office.

With the selected fin copper, the series of CAT 7Networking cables enjoys 10Gps super fast rate of network transmission and definitely is your best choice for the optical network. Cat 7network cables also choose the metal covered FJ-45 gold plated connectors and is suitable for the connection between the computer and hub. For example, the connection between computer and the switch, hub, ADSL, router and etc. Also, the connection between the telecommunications boding jumper of wireless network devices could be maintained by this cable.

Under the transmission of this Cat7 Networking cable, the user could get a better experience while watching the online videos, downloading the information or even playing the online games. The super fast rate of 10 Gbps and the super large bandwidth of 600 MHz is the characteristic of this Cat7 Networking cable. In order to update the super fast optical network, the Cat7 cable is definitely your best choice. The cable is also covered by the ALPET so that it could maintain the stable transmission quantity. Because of the fact that the cable adopts the fine copper, this Cat 7 could develop an efficient transmitting technology which has high bit rate and resistance to interference. The ground lead could also stronger the ability of anti-interference.

This Cat 7network cable is easily hidden under the carpet and shuttle in any turning corner. The high precision of the gold plated joint guarantees the ability of anti-corrosion, antioxidant and durability. The metal covered RJ-45 pure cooper sheet is made by high technology and performing the best transforming result. The shrapnel is tested by the 180 degree vertical fold testing without any phenomenon of breakage. The trunking and tabletting could match perfectly so that the connection could be smoother. The cover of the cable is also waterproof, sun block, freeze-proofing, rat-proofing and anti-flaming. The material of the wire rod is high-quality and exclusive which could not be modified. The finished Cat 7 cable has passed the standard testing including ISO and TIA/ISO.

Just try this Cat 7network cable and feel the new surfing experience! What’s more, you could only take it back with a lower price than ever! For more information, please go to:



Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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