Targus 90W Universal Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter with 7 Power Tips & USB Charger for iPhone/iPad

Don’t you think that sometimes it is quite tiresome to charge the devices all the time? We often have to stay home, move out or have to be in a meeting and charging can create a problem? Coming to the solution of it, the Universal Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter is there which will make you tension free from such dilemmas. Here are some of the best features of this adapter.

Targus® 90W Universal Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter with 7 Power Tips & USB Charger for iPhone/iPad in Bulk Packaging

Targus7 Power Tips & USB Charger helps in charging the device from any place be it home or office. The output voltage is 19.5 and up to 90 watts of continuous power is delivered. With seven interchangeable power tip is there which works mostly on main brands such as HP, Acer, Toshiba, Dell to name a few. It even has built in surge protection. The dimensions of it are 1.1 x 2 x 4.5-inches. Also, it charges iPod, iPhone by including USB Mini B and Micro B cables. To carry all the devices along with you, a bag will be available to hold all the devices in it. Seven distinctive tips can assist in charging even branded computers and devices or even the Smartphone’s and other ones. The more you will use it; better things will be known to you perfectly. The input entered is 100 – 240V ~ 2.5A, 50/60Hz and the output is 19.5V, 4.61A. It is uniformly tested and well approved by TUV and FCC. With distinctive pins, the devices will be charged. Not only one wire, but there are multiple pins to assist you in charging them. Different watts of plugs are benefitted by the consumer who purchases it.

While purchasing Targus Notebook/MP3 AC Adapter for iPhone/iPad, you will obtain charging cable with Mini and Micro USB. The drawstring carry bag will be provided to hold on all the items in one. The notebook adapter, charger for iPad, USB device, AC power outlets etc are the mandatory things available with it. All these products are accessible in one bag, so keep on reading the manual book to acquire the knowledge of better utilisation of them. The price of all these devices is very less which can be easily afforded by you. So just wait for so long and order it right now. You might be lacking with the need of this, so here you get the proper results. There is nothing more to think upon now.Order it now from primecables.com just $19.49 !You can’t miss it!


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