STAEDTLER® Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil, 12/Set

Simple said, Mars Lumograph is born in order to draw people pencil. As a fan of painting, you need a good partner, is the brush! Mars Lumograph will be your right choice, if you want to draw so much, a little not Mars Lumograph.

STAEDTLER® Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil, 12 Set

Twelve-piece lumograph senior writing sketch drawing pencil 100 as the best quality products (Top quality pencils), lead the finest of graphite to ensure standard test higher and lower limit (such as density, fracture strength, hardness and so on); the pencil cedar lead protection specially selected the best quality, without this wood grease, fine grain, no knot, thus ensuring high strength and excellent sharpening performance! Blue bar drawing 12 pencils iron box – Germany imported, suitable for paper and fog face drawing film writing is drawing and sketch of the top pencil, 12 branches of different shades of lead, 2H is an ideal tool for the artist and graphic designer from 8B to, the use of the latest science and technology, the pen core compressive ability writing clean, easily, so that it can be long lasting, the best-selling. Suitable for writing on paper and smooth drawing film, is drawing and sketch of the top pencil, very suitable for writing and painting. Blue bar drawing pencil has a variety of specifications, is the ideal tool for the artist and graphic designer, artist. It uses the latest science and technology, refill breaking super ability and writing lines easy to wipe. It uses any quality can be sharpened pencil sharpener. Six angle by USA fine red fir pen shaft made of. Twelve-piece lumograph drawing / writing pencil set includes high quality graphite pencil in accurate discrimination. Whether writing, drawing or painting, they glide smoothly over the paper. Lead is a super bonded in the entire West Coast cedar pencil length to reduce breakage. Will be very easy to improve. For replication, easily erased. Tin contains 12 moderate: 6 B, 5 B, 4 B, 3 B 2 B, B, HB, F, H, 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 H.

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