Slimport™ micro USB to HDMI adapter

Slimport™ micro USB to HDMI adapter  is one of SlimPort® products which have many ultra features such as offer the unique ability to connect with all the leading display types (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA) over a single cable, offer high-bandwidth 3D 1080p video playback, lower consumption and compatibility with the Mobility DispalyPort (MyDP) standard, with future video resolutions up to 4K. Therefore, with this adapter connected SlimPort® or Mobility Display PortTM (MyDP) to enable mobile devices to HDMI monitors or TVs, you can allow Full HD resolution videos and pictures from your mobile device to be viewed on a large screen. Even displaying your mobile device’s content on a big screen has never been easier; SlimPort® products can connect with all the leading display types (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA) complete connectivity. Thus you can enjoy the big view of the wonderful content in your Google Nexus™ 4 or 5 phone by directly connect to your HDTV in using this SlimPort™ to HDMI® Adapter from Prime Cables!

Moreover, Slimport HDMI adapter is both has power advantages and terrific DisplayPort Technology. They work without external power, and their low-power designs can help your mobile device batteries to last longer. You can even charge your batteries during playback when using DisplayPort and HDMI adaptors. And the Higher bandwidth of them will supports ultra-HD displays with up to 4K resolution, while some mobile products are limited to 720p video playback. SlimPort®–enabled devices are fully compatible with the widely used DisplayPortTM standard, and the proposed Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard. So you can count on them to your mobile devices made in those standards to provide high-speed connections up to 4K to enjoy the large screen showing their wonderful items.

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