Pumpkin Wall Lamp Glass & Iron Country Rural Style – Trick or Treat

It is Halloween night. You have an awesome party at your place. You’ve got the whole house set for a perfect Halloween party. Bandages hanging around, fake zombies propped up against the walls, an empty coffin against another wall, vampire eyes and fangs peeking from somewhere across the hall and a spooky music playing in the background. What if you add an amazing Pumpkin Wall Lamp to all these decorations? Wouldn’t it look amazing? It definitely would!

Pumpkin Wall Lamp Glass&Iron Country Rural Style

This Glass & Iron Country Rural Style Lamp has well-defined curves and twisted lines that bring a rustic but natural touch to your home décor. There are elaborate patterns at the top as well as the bottom which give it an ancient touch making it ideal for creating a dreamy ambiance. If you are a poet or simply love to give your house a philosophical and literary touch, this wonderful wall lamp is just your thing. It looks simple yet tasteful warming the night air with its brilliant glow. The main material used in the lamp is iron which is used to give it strength and a nice metallic touch. The secondary material is an orange-toned glass which forms the main body of the pumpkin. The glass is not exactly transparent which gives it a nice, real look. A curved metal stand holds the pumpkin lamp in place and prevents it from falling down. It uses an E26 bulb base and a single incandescent bulb. The maximum wattage of bulb that can be fixed in the lamp is 60W. The lamp operates on a voltage of 110V.

The lamp is about 18’’ tall and 11’’ wide hence not that large. Whether you are looking for an indoor wall lamp or an outdoor wall lantern, Pumpkin Wall Lamp is the best choice to make. It can be used in your foyer, living room, bar, dining room or simply on a wall of the hallway of your house. There are similar items in the form of wall lamps and table lamps that may be incorporated with this artistic pumpkin lamp. It is something new in the market, bound to stay in fashion for many years and definitely an eye-catcher.

The Country Rural Style lamp is up for the grabs so you better hurry up as there are only 6 lamps in stock right now. It costs for $89.00 only with free shipping for all orders. Place your order now or look for more products as per your requirement by visiting the following website now:lightingbox.com


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