Print and Draw together with your kids

Does your kids love drawing or talented in drawing? Here we prepared a lot of drawing samples below. You can download and print them out for your kids to draw or draw with your kid together. We welcome everyone to show your kids’ art on our social media page by posting at our 123inkcartridges wall page to show us their talents! This is really a great opportunity for you to spend time with kids to explore their secret talents! What you need do right now is click the drawing samples below to free download. Of course, in our store, you can buy the drawing tools like the colored pencils with 12 colors and crayons with 24 colors that your kids will need in drawing. You can find them easily by click the links of which you need. In the homepage of them, there are a lot for you to choose from.

Print and draw together with your kids

In the homepage of the colored pencils with 12 colors and crayons with 24 colors, you can clearly see that the drawing tools here is all very cheap, and even some of them is on sale. While their quality is good enough for your kids to draw out the nice picture as he/she or you expected. You can choose the one fit for your needs. And there is some guide for you to find the one and save your time to enjoy drawing with your kids.

1. Colored pencils like Crayola® Coloured Pencils is with smooth and brilliant colors. They made with thick, soft leads to avoid breaking easily under pressure. The smooth colors are perfect for color mixing, and blending, as well as practicing more detailed techniques. They are perfect for school, home and office projects. Except that, they are presharpened for ready to use. The model 145-67-2060 of it has 60 per pack but only costs $12.99. It is really worthy of take. Of course, there are more colored pencils with good quality and different color, go to the homepage of colored pencils with 12 colors; I promise you can find the one fit your needs.

2. Crayons such as Crayola “My First” washable large 8 wax crayons is Crayola Big Washable Crayons (8 Pack) by Crayola. The 8 big washable crayons are in bright colors which can give a smooth color lay down with no uneven build up or streaking. Moreover, the crayons are doubled wrapped for extra strength providing hours of creative fun. It can be used in 3 years and up. One pack only cost $3.00. While, they can let your kids imagination run wild with these easy-to-grip big washable crayons. This is just one of it for example; more is there in the homepage of crayons with 24 colors, visit there for all your crayons needs. You can be disappointed!

After get all of the drawing tools, you can stay with your kid to draw together. May be the drawing can be set up in the homepage wall of our store What a nice thing! Don’t hesitate anymore, just action!



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