Lumograph drawing pencil sets of 12

Drawing pencils are required for a number of purposes. These are needed not only as school supplies, many offices need them for drawings to be executed on paper. What is more, there are industrial specifications that need to be followed to provide pencils for industrial use. Professionals in architectural firms, construction design consultants and several others need to have drawing pencil sets in stock. Schools need drawing pencil sets in large stocks to help replenish the everyday needs of different students. Several schools and universities have stationery stores on their campuses that stock up on different school stationeries including drawing pencils.

STAEDTLER® Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil, 12 Set

Lumograph drawing and writing pencil sets are sought after by many as they represent graphite pencils of high quality. These pencils are differentiated in darkness by differing degrees. Usually such writing or drawing pencil sets come in twelve pieces per set. If you try the lumograph pencils, you will be able to differentiate the smoothness of flow of these pencils as compared to those of other categories. In lumograph pencil sets, the lead of the pencils is super bonded with west coast cedar. That helps to minimize the possibility of breakage. These pencils are easily sharpened and you will not find brittle lead which breaks more. You can opt for lumograph pencils of twelve different kinds such as 6B to B, HB, F and H of four different degrees.

When you opt for a set of lumograph drawing pencils, you will find these pencils to be break resistant. The lines are reproduced well and easily. These lines are easily erased and the pencils are easily sharpened without excessive breakage. With such properties, many professionals in the drawing field seek lumograph pencils in particular. Often such pencils are hard to find. You might not find them in most stores. If your local store does not stock this particular category of pencils, you might not know where to look.

In such cases, you will find the online store at coming of use. This site not only stocks up on inks and cartridges of printer brands, they even have different stationery supplies in store. If you opt for these pencil sets from this store, not only will you find several in stock, you can get them at bargain prices as well. The pencil sets are available for discounts over twenty five percent. If you order in bulk, you will find free shipping with your order.


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