Looking for highest quality graphite pencils in precisely differentiated degrees ?

Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil is the right model for you. This STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil comes with a set of 12 pencils and has amazing features that would leave you wide eyed with awe. You sure want a good and smooth handwriting for yourself. Who does not? If you wish to have the best handwriting that amazes the viewers then get it right away without wasting another second. This drawing pencil set includes great quality pencils that are made of graphite and are different from one another in different degrees. If you want smooth handwriting, get this one. Any kind of handwriting or drawing or even sketching gets smooth provided you use this drawing pencil. You may use any paper but if you have this pencil with you, nothing else really matters.

STAEDTLER® Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil, 12 Set

Most pencils that majorities of people commonly use have leads that cover only half of the pencil length. In contrast to those pencils, this unique in design Lumograph drawing pencil has lead that covers the whole length of the pencil, which keeps the pencil from splintering. In addition to the full covered length of lead, the leads that we use are of high quality and are easier to sharpen. No matter how strongly you have made the lines, they are easy to erase. The set of these drawing pencils have 12 different varieties that include twelve medium degrees namely B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, HB, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, and F.

This wood pencil comes in two types, one is medium, and the other is soft. The Mars Drawing Pencil would ease all your worries if you have handwriting issues for it is easy to use and its grip is strong. We form this break resistant pencil, with a graphite lead, from cedar and this pencil is easy to both erase as well as sharpen. No other pencil set would give you such a vast variety of pencils in just one set. In addition to these amazing features, it comes in highly affordable price so each of you can avail its benefits. You would find your worries and problems to be disappearing once you get these for use. No matter what age group you belong to, these pencils are suitable for all people of every race and age group.

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