Incandescent Rural Style Table Lamp

Back in the Middle Ages sunlight was the main source of lighting during the day. But during the long dark hours at night and during the evening when the sun had set, oil lamps, lanterns and candles were the only sources of light. Inspired by this curious historical fact, Table lamp style Rural features an interesting lantern style back from the Medieval Age. It seems as if the lamp is dangling from the branch of a tree with its golden-brown bronze arms twisting and curving like branches of a tree. It has a classic bronze finish and looks quite natural which makes it one-of-a-kind and something very new in the market. It comes with a circular, bronze base and an empire style head that slopes downwards gently. The main material used in the lamp is iron whereas the secondary material is glass which holds the bulb.

Table Lamp Rural Style On Off Switch,LightingBox

The Incandescent Table lamp has an E26 base and uses an incandescent bulb. The maximum allowable wattage of the bulb to be used in the lamp is 60W. The voltage on which the lamp operates is 110V. The dimensions of this lantern like lamp are 11.8’’ and 15.2’’. It can be placed at one side of the writing desk or beside your bed on your side table. People who enjoy antique and ancient furniture and want to give their house a traditional and old-fashioned look would love to buy this amazing lantern looking lamp. If you own a cabin or have a nice, little house with a lot of wood work by the country side, this lamp is definitely a must-have.

There are many reasons for using bronze in the product. First, it looks traditional and completes the antique look of the lamp. Secondly it will not corrode over the years so you can use the product for as long as like and it may even be passed through generations without wearing off. Furthermore the rich tone and reddish coloring of bronze makes it suitable for Table lamp style. It looks shiny and rustic giving it an ancient character. It may be combined with other rustic pieces of furniture including floor lamps and wall lanterns. The availability of the product is limited as only 10 pieces are left in stock. It is quite affordable as it costs for only $99.00. You don’t have to worry about making extra payment for shipping as there is free shipping for all orders. For buying this amazing product or for more information, visit us now at:


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