How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers with your mobile device?

With the wide application of wireless technology and the Bluetooth wireless capabilities widely available, making the way you listen to music more and more easier, this Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker make the music to play out of the highest quality.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker with Mic,Card slot

With small volume but sound extraordinary: Design of Bluetooth speaker whenever and wherever possible to show you the extraordinary sound and the modern fashion, it can fit into from the office to the beach and other various occasions, it can be conveniently arranged in a backpack or tote. The passive radiator loudspeaker equipped with two strong voice and a drive innovation, can present all frequencies of sound, for your bass shock, high clarity. The speaker also has been Waves Audio professional mixer, its clarity and sound range has been further enhanced. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries, life time of up to 10 hours a day, can not interrupt to provide top quality sound for you.

Bluetooth wireless technology: Bluetooth is a reliable and energy saving of short distance wireless communication technology. Through this technology, you can easily connect to other Bluetooth devices wirelessly, intelligent mobile phone and play in the speaker Bluetooth enabled tablet computer or notebook computer (iPod or iPhone) in music. To bring you more freedom, comfortable driving experience and more powerful stereo listening experience.
Handsfree Speaker: it not only to listen to music and movies. The speaker is also equipped with an integrated microphone and response button ,it can be used as a telephone conference center. This integrated microphone can also help you achieve a hands-free phone. Bluetooth connected with the mobile phone, when the telephone, easy one click can use stereo handsfree. Whether you are in the office or in the car, it can provide a clear voice quality for you, with it, your mobile phone aside also never mind, you can freely chat and away from the harm of mobile phone radiation.

Some people may be confused: How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers with your mobile device? You only need to open your phone, find the Bluetooth hand and opened it, the selection and the Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker that match the Bluetooth, so the voice of your phone can in Wireless Mini Speaker play out, whether very convenient very simple?The convenient products just only $18.99! If you want to buy it, login on our website for more information.


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