Hipstreet player, small in size, but with tons of music

We often search for devices which are easy to hold and can be carried at any place. The device which is portable and can be accessed at anytime. Supposedly, you are going on a trip with friends and you want a short device which contains number of music and taken along with. For such conditions, you should prefer to have Hipstreet MP3 Player which contains all those specifications which are desired by you. As long as you will bring into play, the better you will comprehend the features of it.

HipStreet 4 GB Digital Voice Recorder

Though Hipstreet 4GB is mini but it can contain tons of music in it. Anytime, anywhere, any sort of music can be heard through it. The memory is up to 4GB which is commendable. If the memory ends up soon, you can even expand it up to the level. Favorite tunes can be heard with this player. Music can be heard as per your choice with the presets of 7 equalizers. The playback is WMA and have MicroSD card slot. It will be charged within the time limit of 2 hours and have a USB flash drive. After charging it for two hours, the music over it can be heard till 6 hours. The best benefit is that it even displays the lyrics of the music played on it. The operating system is XP, Windows 7, Vista and lots more. The battery is lithium Ion Re-chargeable one. The style of this player is totally special than others. All the buttons are displayed on this simple device which makes it worthy of comments. It is so sleek that functioning and keeping it will be very easy. The more you will use, the better usage of buttons will be known to you. All the things are displayed on the screen so that no hurry is there. The play mode can set at repeat all, repeat, and normal.

By offering you this device, we are providing with the discount applied on it. If in case you want to purchase it, then you may with such simple price. There is nothing more to think about this device as it is a compact, portable, and used by any mean. Once you plug and enjoy what you hear. This device is so convenient that ordering it will bring a message of out of stock. So it is required to order it on time.


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