Here is your High Quality 3 in 1 Mini ($17.99)Apple Mini Displayport Cables

You do not have to worry about anything at all when you have high quality 3 in 1 Mini Display Port DP-to-DP DVI HDMI Cable Adapter with you. Compared to the high market price, you will get it at an extremely reasonable and fair price provided you order us online. This mini display port adapter is the best solution when it comes to connect to a high classification monitor or a projector; it even lets you connect an LCD that uses a DVI/ HDMI/ Display Port connector or wire to a Mac Book, Mac Book Pro or a Mac Book Air which has a mini display port on it. This connector has everything one needs for maintaining connections to Mac devices. You would not want anything else once you get it for yourself for it offers everything and performs better than any other product of similar nature. Buying it now would be wisest of all the choices that you make.

High Quality 3 in 1 Mini DisplayPort DP to DP DVI HDMI Cable Adapter

Among many qualities of this amazing Mini Display Port Adapter is the quality of it to maintain Mini Display Port 1.1a input and DVI/HDMI/Display Port output. This does not end here. This amazing adapter has the ability to support the utmost video resolution up to 1920*1200 of display port. In HDMI/DVI it supports maximum video resolution up to 1920*1080P which is a lot. This adapter is compatible with almost any of your Apple Mac products be it an Apple I-Mac, Mac Mini or a Mac Pro and a Mac Book Air. Your worries end the moment you get to buy the 24.3cm long adapter. Its male connector is a Mini DP Port and for the female connector it has is a DP/DVI-D 24+5F/ HDMI. One would get a 5 volts p-p input video signal with the use of it. Powered from a mini display port sour, this adapter has a display port video amplifier with a 2.7 Gpbs/270 MHz bandwidth. Its input interface is a mini display port male 20pin. Its output interface is HDMI Female 19pin and DVI Female (24+5) and display port 20pin.

This high quality Mini Display Port adapter operates at temperature that ranges from 0’C to +70’C. With this adapter, you will find no worries of connections. Nothing else beats this adapter when it comes to maintaining connections. You will get free shipping for all orders so hurry now to order it online. You may also like to see other products of similar kind that we offer. For this, visit us at our website


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