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Welcome to here for your best office supplies! There are nearly all kinds of office supplies with high quality for you to choose, including ruler, eraser, pencil box and pencil case, copy paper, value pack, calculator, and so on. I promise you can get all office supplies here in our store, as they are cheap or on sale to meet your costs budget. Office supplies below is just introducing some of them, you can visit the homepage of your best office supplies! Or our store for more or all needed.

1. Ruler like Westcott Rigid Plastic Ruler Jewel Colour 15cm/6″ 85006 is good for you when doing measurement. It is a plastic ruler with a lot of color and with 15cm/6″ Asst Colors, Double Bevel – 1/16″ & mm Scales. It is very cheap for sharing 74% discounts; you can only pay $0.50 to take before Sep 30, 2014. If you need a lot, it should be the right choice. Of course, there is many other rulers for choose, you can take the one meet your needs.

2. Erase such as Expo Caddy Recycled Dry Erase Marker & White Board Eraser Organizer 840-1785294 is a mountable 5 piece organizer that is made from 90% recycled material (25% post-consumer). They are just good enough to erase the pencil line which is drawing in wrong. And today only cost $9.99 after 16% discounts of $11.99 until Sep 01, 2014. There are several Expo erase and erase marker is on sale for you to choose before Sep 01, 2014. You can’t miss them.

3. Copy paper like TopPrint FSC-Certified, 20 lb., 8.5”x11” Premier Copy Paper  TopPrint Single is a multipurpose paper with the 92 brightness and whiteness with FSC certificate. It has excellent image clarity & contrast, high opacity and thickness, high performance for both sides printing/copying. And has optimized smoothness on both surfaces, is uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness, the paper dimensionally stable and guaranteed for trouble-free operation. It is suitable for Photocopy, Laser Printing, Inkjet Printing and Plain fax. Its weight is 20LB, 500 Sheets/Ream in 1 Package with Size: Letter 11″ x 8 1/2″ (21.5cm x28cm) in White. Until Dec 31, 2014, it is always on sale for 25% discount, you can take it by offering $5.99. This is just one pack of copy paper, if you need more, you can choose the TopPrint FSC-Certified, 20 lb., 8.5”x11” Premier Copy Paper with 10 packs/case for example, or other in our store.

4. Calculator like SHARP EL738C  CALCULATOR (WITH WALLET) EL738C computes all time-value-of-money calculations. In addition, it is able to perform interest rate conversions, amortization calculations, and non-uniform cash flow calculations. This financial calculator is ideal for business students and professionals. It has large display with 2-line, 10-digit display – 1 line equation and 1 line numeric LCD display with mode indicators. And can do 2 Variable Statistics by linear regression. Moreover, it is a cost-sell-margin and mark-up calculations with sign change, percent and square root keys, protective wallet, solutions manual, and batteries included. For such a useful calculator, it only costs $42.99. There are still many other calculators for you to choose from, you can browse our store for more.

5. Pencil case like Merangue Multiple compartments Pencil case 693-1015-0720 is made with full length nylon zippers and great for home, office and school use in assorted color which you may like. It costs $5.49 for sharing a 21% discount of $6.99 before Sep 01, 2014. What’s more, you can choose some others in our store for there are a lot fit your needs.

Order or more office supplies please go to your best office supplies! or our store You can get everything you want.


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