Here is the best Certified HDMI 2.0 in Canada!

Are you looking for a HDMI for your electronic devices? If you are, HDMI® 2.0 Cables 6Ft – Licensed must be the right choice. It is the best certified HDMI 2.0 which has good quality that guaranteed by Proudly Canadian Store with strict manufacture and inspection. Today, you just need to pay $9.49, and then you’ll enjoy free the consumer enhancing video and audio experience that brought from Cables HDMI2.0. Don’t afraid of that it may not compatible with your earlier versions of the HDMI specifications, Cab-HDMI2-C6ft is made to not only backwards compatible with earlier versions of HDMI specifications perfectly, but also increases bandwidth up to 18Gbps and adds key enhancements to support continuing market requirements for enhancing the consumer video and audio experience significantly.

HDMI 2.0 Cables 6Ft (Aluminum Cover)

HDMI® 2.0 Cables 6Ft – Licensed
In the face of so attractive HDMI2.0 ,get into it and take one is as a matter of course. If you make a deal right now, you’ll enjoy more, including the best show. And you’ll be surprised to find out that the ultimate with 4 times clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution for HDMI 2.0 has advanced features with resolutions up to 4K@50/60 (2160p). I promise you’ll never regret to buy it. Apart from the features expressed above, you can also enjoy a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience for our HDMI 2.0 can up to 32 audio channels to complete your needs.

Advanced features in HDMI 2.0
Till now, you may ask “Is there any more secrete for HDMI 2.0 C6ft making buyer enjoy such better experience?” Of course yes. In HDMI 2.0, the audio sample frequencies can up to 1536 kHz to ensure the highest audio fidelity. On the same screen, HDMI 2.0 can deliver dual video streams to multiple users simultaneously. What’s more, HDMI 2.0 has the ability to deliver multi-stream audio to multiple users (Up to 4) and dynamic synchronize the video and audio streams to make it be the best used. The HDMI 2.0 can give you a wide vision for it supports for the wide angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio and video formats including colorimetry with 10/12 bits of color depth in2060p, 24/25/30Hz with RGB/4:2:2/4:4:4 and 50/60Hz with RGB/4:2:0/ 4:2:2 defined in BT.2020. The HDMI 2.0 winder color space and the wire instructions were show as follows:

HDMI 2.0 winder color space
More interesting, do you believe that using a single point to control more expanded command and control of consumer electronics devices is possible? Don’t suspect, Cables HDMI 2.0 6Ft would give you the certain answer by its CEC extensions. Time is life, don’t waste lifetime wandering around anymore; the one right front of your eyes is the best Certified HDMI 2.0 in Canada! Make up your mind now at, then you’ll get it free & fast shipping and enjoy a happy life complied with our HDMI 2.0 earlier.

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