HDMI 1.4 Male to VGA Female Adapter

Is that conversion or sending files is problematic for you? Are you worried that signals will transfer effectively or not? Such troubles always come in a way when we are not able to find a great adapter or the right device. Usually, we prefer to buy simple things to kill the time, but in the long run, when we analyse we find that decision was wrong. So for better signals and impressive specifications, latest HDMI 4.1 Male Adapter has been unveiled. Certain attributes make it different from others. To know them, go through the features.

HDMI 1.4 Male to VGA Female Adapter

Being a new one, its quality is high and connects from male to female adapter. The resolution it supports is 1920×1200(WUXGA-R), 1920x1080P, 144MHz to name a few. With this, the male signals will be transmitted to female adapter, but the reciprocal is not possible. The input face is HDMI male and output interface is VGA female. It supports the timing standards of VESA and CEA. The processor is single chip HD video. For big screen view, it can be connected to the mobile phone, tablet, ultrabook and lots more. As it in white color, but the other accessible colors in it are yellow, pink, blue, purple, black etc. The warranty bestowed will be lifetime so that any problem which occurs can be sorted out easily. It is sort and easy to carry. No problem will come in handling as it is a short and simple piece. The processor of video is HD with a single-chip. There are some of the devices which are not connected to it HDCP key. So make sure the connection you make must be safe and last longing.

It is different just for the reason with HDMI Adapter White is designed another way. You can safely play and use it anywhere. This adapter is very compatible with other devices. Once you start using, it will show you the change between the new and the old one. The price of this adapter is reasonable as for your benefit, you can purchase it now. It has the biggest features, among other devices. The color white is the one which goes with other color in well. So time brings certain changes in life, similarly, there must be an equal change in the electrical complains. This is the call for all those who have not changed the style and the one who wants new things.

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