Flat-Panel Full Motion TV Wall Mount 37″ to 70″ is full stock at Primecables

Looking for the cheap wall mount deal in Canada ? The model of this amazing Flat panel TV Wall mount, Cab-LPA36-466-All3 comes in great size. Its price is not as high as the former 12.97$ rather one can now get it at a fair price of only $74.99 enabling a forty-three percent savings. However, you need to hurry for the offer is valid for a limited period. So get out of your comfort zones now for this amazing offer and buy the Full Motion Flat Panel TV Wall Mount. This one has a free tilting, which would enable one to adjust TV angels as per the desire and choice. Besides the tilting option, one can easily rotate the arm to get highest viewing suppleness.

All in One, Full Motion Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount,One Free 6Ft HDMI 1.4 & One Free Screen Cleaner Kit !

Besides other options, this all in one Wall Mount Brackets also has a built in level tuning that allows one to enjoy and make certain ideal positioning. Now you can easily get to view your favorite shows as and where you desire, without having to adjust your body according to the screen. Now you may worry of the huge bulk of cabling and wiring, right? Stop worrying right there for this amazing setup does not come without adjustments. We have built a wiring managing system that keeps the cables hidden and prearranged, keeping them safe in terms of use. The strength of the whole system is three times more than a normal one.

This amazing set supports all motions and resolutions of TV up to 1080p and even beyond this limit. With Flat Panel TV Wall Mount, you are sure to find your problems dying. With it, all one finds is comfort and peace as well as ease of use. Another quality of buying it would be getting a screen cleaner kit, which is anti static and is alcohol free too. This kit would be green, blue, pink purple in color and compared to the market price, it comes cheap if you order it online from us. This kit ensures your TV screens stay dirt free and sheltered. The kit has an alcohol free formula, which is anti static too. The micro fiber clean-up technology of the kit removes all filth, dirt, and even fingerprints from screens. Use a lens fabric to get rid of the dirt and see how swiftly all the dirt is gone. Not only can you clean your TV screens but even your laptop and computer screens with it.

Do not waste another minute of your time. Order it online because we offer free shipping for all orders. In case you want to know more, visit us at our website,primecables.com


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