Epson T126 Value Pack (BK/C/M/Y) for only $29.99

Now there is a kind of inkjet cartridge on sale!That machine’s model is Epson T126 Value Pack with 4 ink cartridges,which is cheap but high quality.It’s valuable to have a try!That Epson has four colors-black,cyan,carmine and yellow-that you can print something colorful more freely.As the quantity of the ink is limited,each color can yield 600 pages,however,which is reasonable and similar with other cartridge.

Epson T126 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Value Pack

As we all know,when using a printer,you will care much about the expense of printing.Now you can consider nothing about that,because it is a saving machine by automatic adjustment.From other aspect,people may concern about the compatibility of the cartridge.Fortunately,it can be compatible to any printer models without any problem while replacing your current Epson T126 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Value Pack High Yield.By the way,Its supplies life is two years in theory that it’s valuable for you to purchase.This Epson T126 New Compatible Ink Cartridges Epson T126 Value Pack ink cartridge are guaranteed in order to meet your satisfactions. As it is manufactured by an environmental friendly and resource-conserving company,our productions have passed ISO14001 as well as ISO9001 certificate for their quality assurance.In conclusion, quality is promised and trustworthy that you can rest assured.

To own a Epson T126 compatible  ink cartridge,you can book one by clicking online and you can get the lowest price from Here you spend only $29.99 on it.(Free shipping when all orders over $49)Actually,you could save more with compatible Epson T126 New Compatible Ink Cartridges.By the way,it takes you $3.99 to buy a Epson New Compatible T124120(T1241) black / T124420 (T1244) yellow / T124320(T1243) Magenta / T124220(T1242) Cyan / Black Ink Cartridge which has only one color to be printed,that is to say the quantity of it is less.In comparison,the Epson T126 Value Pack ink cartridge is cost-effective.Buy it and the item should ship tomorrow(2014-07-16). Productions will be shipped to all from our eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver. The delivery is quite fast,and you can get yours soon.

Last but not least,another new compatible should be introduced –Epson T126 Value Pack ink cartridge,which can bring you the similar printing experience,just like OEM Epson Epson T126 Value Pack cartridges.What’s more,it will print at least the same amount of pages which is suggested from the OEM products.

If you were concerning about the warranty,we will promise to have one-year limited warranty including free return and full refund.At the same time,we provide 24 hours customer service that you can toll free number,fast online chat or inquiry and tell us other way to satisfy you.If you want to own such a valuable ink cartridge,click and buy as fast as can.


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