Deer Antler Resin Chandelier – Just Like Old Times

No matter how advanced the times get, man will always be intrigued by his past – the Medieval Age. Mother Nature has always been a constant source of inspiration for mankind. Therefore, people like to introduce items to their home furniture that are very close to nature. Chandelier Deer Antler is an interesting piece of furniture that looks both exotic and unique. People living in country houses or having their own cabins in Texas would love to have this chandelier hanging from their ceilings.

Chandelier Deer Antler Resin

It has four candelabra with maximum 40W per arm. Its sharp, twisting arms give it a nice, primitive touch. When combined with other items of country furniture, one feels as if one is living deep in a forest, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It rewinds the clock back to the Stone Age and is ideal for countryside lovers. It is a must-have for people with houses having a lot of brick or stone work. Its rural style gives a lovely, natural outlook. It is ideal for introducing a medieval touch to your home décor. The bulb holders look as if they are candles and the bulbs seem as if they are flames burning in the air. All this gives it an amazing natural look.

The faux antler design and the artificial candles look both graceful and rustic. The dark golden designs near the bulb base look as if wax is melting from the faux candles giving it a real look. It can suitably be hung in a living room, dining room, bar or in a small coffee shop. It has an iron light cup by which it hangs from the ceiling. Moreover, it has a nice, delicate metal chain but it is strong enough to hold the antler chandelier. The main material used in the Chandelier Deer Antler is polyresin whereas the secondary material is iron. The chandelier comes with four E12 bulb bases. 25’’ wide and almost 23’’ high, the chandelier is noticeable and makes an artistic presence in the room. Incandescent bulbs of maximum 60W may be used.

Similar country lamps are available in the form of wall and table lamps and may be used along with Chandelier Deer Antler Resin in the house for a nice, primitive, country look. The model number is LB-PA1006-4 and only 8 items are present in stock which reflects its huge demand. It costs for $399 only. The best part is that shipping is free for all orders. Place your order now by


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