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Do you wondering how to watch videos and slideshows on the big screen with family and friends?Here you’ll get the way to realize it very quickly. What you need do is just to keep looking through this paper. Of course, you also should have the tool to help you first. A Mini Display Port Thunderbolt to HDMI & VGA Adapter is really necessary. It can support you to connect a standard mode display, projector, or a LCD with VGA or HDMI port or cable to your Mac from its mini Display port. Only with it, you can connect your Apple Macbook, Asus ultra book and any devices with a mini DisplayPort to HDTVs, monitors or projectors to enjoy a big-screen viewing with the people you want to happy together.

To be more friendly, I recommend you to buy Mini Display Port in store, for it is not only Brand new and high quality but also on sale for 20% discounts to be lower price than anywhere else. It supports Mini Display Port (DP) to HDMI and VGA output, and the aluminum casing minimizes EM interference to work well in all the time you are enjoy the service it provides. And its compact design allows adjacent port access unobstructed, which ensures you share the fluent play in large screen. What’s more, the built-in conversion chip of it doesn’t need external power supply. The HDMI V1.3 supports Full HD display at 1080P up to 10.2Gbps video bandwidth. And Cab-FL-1159-250 support 24-bits color and Multi-channel surround audio pass through. All the above can guarantee the picture showed in the large screen is just clearly like really. It is a perfect tool for you to take. And I can promise your family members and friends who have enjoyed its good service will appreciate your eyesight of shopping.

If you know the price you take Display Port cables, they may be more amazing and must praise you a lot, or even want to own one themselves! Before Aug 01, 2014, you only need to pay $19.99 to get it home. Cab-FL-1159-250 in other place should be more or about $24.99 original. And the price of it is higher in physical store without doubt. Except that, you saved a lot of time wasting in hunting for a good way and a tool to help you with sharing wonderful contents in large screen with your family and friends. If you make a deal right now, you and your family or friends can enjoy together as earlier as you expected. All the ordered products will be shipped from the store’s eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver in super fast speed. And the delivery is very quickly. You can’t be waiting for long. Hope this article helps you out! Nice meeting!


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