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Would it do to buy any plastic ruler from a store? The need for a ruler varies from one buyer to another. If you are buying for a small child to help him or her with their homework, you might not have too stringent a requirement for buying a plastic ruler. Any ruler would do and you probably not need to use the divisions or the markings on the ruler. For simple tasks like drawing straight lines and doing art work, a simple plastic ruler is usually sufficient.

Westcott® Plastic Ruler Jewel Colour 30cm 12

However, the markings and divisions on the rulers come of use when children in junior and high school are doing different math assignments. They might be asked to draw shapes of specific lengths and do assignments based on such measurements. If the ruler divisions and markings are not standardized, it would lead to differences in readings which will get students con fused. For such reasons, the ruler markings need to be standardized. Even though the length measurements in centimeters, inches and millimeters are done on rulers following set guidelines, not every brand offers such markings of the right precision.

If you need a ruler that you can rely upon, you can opt for a plastic ruler from Westcott. This brand offers several office supplies and you can opt for plastic rulers as well from this brand. You might have heard of the brand and sought out the brand’s products in your neighborhood store but not found it. For such reasons, you could opt to stock up on your office supplies from an online store.

If you opt for a site like, this site has a wide array of office products that one can browse through. You will find several handy office and school supply brands displayed at this site. What is more, most products are on sale right now. It being the summer holidays, it would be a good time to stock up on your school supplies from this store. Among all the items you would need, you can opt for a Westcott plastic ruler of jewel color. This item comes at an incredible 75% discount. That means you could order in many more or combine this item with other purchases from this online store. If you order in now, you can avail of this discount and you would have stocked up in advance for your back to school supplies. Shipping will be free of cost from this site.


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