Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable, 1000FT

Are you looking for UTP Solid Cable? If you are, Cab-Cat6-1000-CMR may be a good option for you. 1000FT 23AWG*4P BC Cat6 550MHz UTP Riser Rated (CMR) Solid Cables are perfect for high speed networking applications. If you are ready to establish a networking or broaden your original network, it is really right for you to take one package or more. By using our Cat6 cables whose quality ensured by authentic manufacturer and strictly inspection, you can safely connect all your WAN/LAN segments to all your networking gear and run full throttle without any bottlenecked lines. There are great for all high bandwidth applications like VOIP and Gigabit networks. Cat-6 cables and connectors are made to solid to reduce crosstalk and system noise. And Cat6 Cables are Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Solid cables, which are not only economical but also practical. Cat6 Cables with Solid core conduits can provide better performance over longer cable runs. And our Cat6 cables will bring you UTP; these solid cables are with unmatched quality at unrivaled prices. I can sure these cables are the best value for building your network.

1000FT 23AWG*4P BC Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable, Riser Rated (CMR)

And more, Cat6 are CMR rated for all general in-wall and riser use. All of our network cables are ROHS compliant and UL listed. Cab-Cat6-1000-CMR is 23 AWG and with 4 twisted pairs (UTP). The jacket of them is made in PVC Multi-Color. The actual product can be different from the picture. In the easy-pull box, there are 1000ft solid cables. The solid cables has two connectors, more specifically, they have connector A and connector B, which are all 1-RJ-45 for you to connect your networking devices.

What I say before is just the nature of Cable Cat6. I promise they are exactly what you are always finding for. If you make a deal and take one package of cable cat6 right now, you only need pay $129.99 to enjoy 18% discounts to save $30.00 with super fast & free shipping before Aug 01, 2014. And in the easy pull package box, there are 1-1000FT 23AWG*4P BC Cat6 UTP Solid Cable, Riser Rated (CMR). Are they meeting your needs perfectly? Of course they are. While, if you need more, you can take as much as you need in our store, Take them home, you can enjoy the strong network that they connected for you earlier. And in their lifetime, they are guaranteed by us. Make a deal right now, they will come to you at once, I promise that you’ll never regret to take them home and will come back to us again when your great network need more cables to connect. Order or want to know more information about Cat6 550MHz UTP Solid Cable please visit


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